At CMS ICAV we believe in active wealth management, putting performance at the heart of our clients’ portfolios.

Our managers don’t track an index, they actively seek out what they believe to be the best investment opportunities through carefully selected stock picking. Our aim is to outperform our clients’ expectations over the medium to long term.

We tailor portfolios to individual client requirements, thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility when managing your investments. Your investment manager is wholly responsible for your portfolio, which ensures it is constructed to meet your investment requirements and allows for adaptability and responsiveness, if and when those needs change. Our clients have come to expect a long-standing, personal relationship with .

At CMS ICAV our success is built upon relationships, trust and word of mouth. Many of our clients have introduced us to members of their family to the extent that we often manage investment portfolios across multiple generations.

With equity investing at the core of our client proposition, a detailed knowledge of the underlying holdings is crucial. As well as buying in research from respected investment houses, our investment managers and in-house analysts regularly meet with many of the companies we invest in, as we believe that meeting the companies in which you invest your assets, is a useful supplement to third party research.

The firm has consistently been managed by investment practitioners with the conviction that having senior investment managers on the firm’s management committee and as shareholders helps us stay focused on putting our clients’ needs first.

Our investment managers are expected to invest in the best interests of our clients at all times and to be impartial when choosing the right investments for them. This allows our investment managers the freedom to manage portfolios with an impartial and uncomplicated view and ensures our investment managers are guided by what is best for our clients.

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