Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement plans are very individual – some will realise their life-long dreams, whilst others will wind down to a quieter life and look to help the next generation. Whatever your plans, ensuring your pension pot is managed with the goal of meeting your needs, or drawing down an income in the most appropriate manner is critical.

At CMS ICAV we can review your pension provision and guide you through the complex rules around pensions to help you realise your retirement dreams, or to help you start dreaming.

You may also want to consider how you can pass on your hard-earned assets to the next generation and how you minimise the inheritance tax bill.

We can help structure your assets appropriately to pass more of your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries. We will review your current situation and help you determine how you want your estate to be distributed and keep you appraised of the current rules, as levels and bases of taxation are liable to change.

Our Wealth Planners will then explore the different estate planning strategies you can consider, assisting the efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation, including lifetime gifting and utilising available reliefs and allowances. We can guide you through the rules as they affect you and can formulate a plan which aims to reduce your tax bill.

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