Our Ethos

Market movements, whether frequent or unique, can create opportunities for the pro-active investment managers to capitalise on growth opportunities or in some case, mitigate losses.

Having an experienced active manager deciding if and when to take profits or reduce exposure to a particular area is key when aiming to mitigate risks during market downturns, as well as maximising performance potential. It is important, however, that fund managers employ their investment powers effectively and add value for their investors

As active investment managers, we seek to add value for our clients by delivering investment outperformance over the medium to long term. We believe our talented personnel perform best if they are given the freedom to invest as they see fit, within their clients’ remit. Our managers’ robust, repeatable investment processes are key in demonstrating their active investment approach.

CMS ICAV’s success has its roots in our investment principles. We pride ourselves on our investment culture which is built on allowing talented investment managers, the freedom and responsibility to pursue their own clearly defined investment approach and philosophy.

We believe that expert investment professionals are central to the success of active management, and CMS ICAV has an established reputation for attracting, motivating and retaining some of the best talent in the industry.

Our approach has led to a stable and motivated team of managers and analysts who collectively aim for a single goal – to deliver strong performance without exposing investors to unnecessary risk.

Developing a personal relationship with our clients, understanding their investment needs and using all the resources at our disposal to try and meet those needs is what we believe is essential in becoming a trusted and valued investment manager.

Our business has continued to grow over the last few years, allowing us to maintain our firm belief that offering a personal service is what our clients expect. In a world where investors are increasingly being shut out by their investment managers, or put at arm’s length from the decision making, we firmly believe that to offer a personal service, your main point of contact should be your investment manager.

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