About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


We leave no stone unturned when looking for asset management talent, expertise and resources with our independence allowing us to identify the very best opportunities bar none.


We deliver a variety of private wealth and investment management services to mid and high net worth individuals and families. Every one of our clients is distinctive, having various backgrounds, diverse requirements, atypical concerns and unique targets.


By working alongside active wealth managers, who are not limited by accepted benchmarks our clients are assured that they have the vanguard of proactively and diversified managed portfolios which are strategically diluted over a wide range of investment styles, risk profiles, asset classes and territories.

Our story

CMS ICAV is an established asset manager with an increasing presence in Europe, Asia and beyond. As we have grown, our strong culture has been essential in keeping our entrepreneurial, talent-driven spirit. We believe in active wealth management, working together to share investment ideas, yet ensuring our wealth managers take individual responsibility for their own portfolios.

We offer a high quality, personalised investment management service that aims to meet the individual demands of today’s private and professional investors. Designed to help guide our clients through the increasingly complex investment world, our personalised approach draws on traditional client service values in a world where individual investment manager discretion is too often replaced by an automated process-driven response.

The Big Picture
Many of our clients have a longer-term outlook and a generally conservative attitude to investment, with a variety of investment goals; from preserving capital for future generations to providing an income for retirement or simply following a dream.

By placing an investment manager as the primary point of contact for all our relationships, we can ensure that each client receives a personal level of service, as your manager will be responsible for managing your portfolio as well as the relationship. Our bespoke approach allows for increased flexibility which can be useful if your, or your family’s, circumstances change.

We understand that to engage a discretionary portfolio manager there needs to be a high level of trust and therefore, we seek to become one of your trusted advisers. To determine how we are doing on this score across our existing clients, we asked them in a survey which confirmed a high degree of trust and confidence in both the individual investment manager and CMS ICAV.

Whatever your goal, we instil impartiality and accountability across the firm, which combine to provide you with the high level of personal service you might expect of someone entrusted to look after your investments.

Security of client assets is at the forefront of our mind. For managed portfolios we offer a comprehensive in-house custody and administration service, which allows for efficient administration whilst ensuring your assets are ring-fenced from CMS ICAV’s balance sheet.

We also focus on online security and data protection and strive to ensure that our systems incorporate the latest controls. Our stringent processes and procedures about fund withdrawals, for example, are in place to protect you.

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