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CMS ICAV is an established wealth management group that seeks to add value for our clients through the delivery of outperformance, over the medium to long term.  As a specialist investment boutique founded in Dublin. Since then we have expanded beyond Ireland, as retail & institutional investors have been attracted to our active approach to asset management.

CMS ICAV is one of the fastest-growing wealth management businesses in the UK & EU today.

Stock & Crypto Trading
Through A Single Platform


Integrated platform

Our platform requires no special software download, just log in and start trading from your browser

World class analytics

When you trade with us you are able to use the power of our research and analytical department for all future trades

Real time support

We are ready to assist you with any advice, guidance or any other support you require

Take control over messages

We are here to notify you however you like, choose from a variety of messaging options

CMS icav


Our vision

To become the most widely used investment house for private traders regardless of their investment experience and to support them with our expertise and help them utilize that experience with our online trading platform

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About Us

Our focus is on serving only our clients and being completely independent of all investment houses and platform providers.

We have worked with hundreds of successful individuals, families and institutions – they all come from different backgrounds and wealth creation stories. There tends to be one common thread; our clients have built wealth and require our expertise and resources to maintain and prudently grow that wealth.

You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody”

Alexander Elder

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 We have made our platform easy to pick up and go for new traders and powerful enough to cater for veterans of the markets. go on try it now

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